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Amanda Daly
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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Decluttering progress

After a lot of time and hardwork, and numerous trips to my favourite hardware shop and storage shop and my workroom is starting to take shape.

I've labelled everything, including the pens and pencils. I've even sorted out my pin dishes (though I'm sure Lorraine will think I could take the pin sorting a step further!)

The photos below show the wardrobe doors (door handles removed) and covered with flannel to provide a design wall and the storage space within the wardrobe.
The design wall isn't new and needs to be replaced with new flannel and a less unsightly method of holding it in place than the packing tape currently being used.
I have drawn a 2in grid on the flannel and will do this again when I replace it. The grid really helps with lining up the blocks etc.

The room is looking good. I've hung different quilts on the walls and added a few favourite photos.
My books are in a logical order and I've culled my old magazines. I now only keep DUQ and Quilting Arts.
All fabrics that are at least 1m in length are stored on bolts on the shelves and the smaller pieces are now stored in the new wire baskets under all of the benches.
All of my started projects are in separate plastic boxes under the sewing machine table and tucked into corners here and there. I really must cull these soon. If I count up all of the works in progress - everything from the quilt tops waiting to be quilted down to projects that are still in the very early stages, I have more than 30 of them. I'm an enthusiastic starter but not a particularly effective finisher of quilts.

My work room is quite small and it's still a work in progess but almost worthy of being called a studio.