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Amanda Daly
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Sunday, 25 January 2009

One less frog in the world

Those who know me well will know that I quite like snakes, which is a good thing because we live on 5 acres of bushland. We have a diamond Python who spends much of his/her time in the roof, though I wouldn't mind betting he's not up there at the moment. (Tin Roof / Very Hot). We have a bag full of Python skins to show the grandkids and loan out for show and tell at school etc. (Check out the older post in this blog for my reptile posts).

I must admit to feeling a bit spooked at the moment though. A couple of days ago I saw something lurch off the roof or perhaps a pot plant up high, on close inspection it was a Green Tree Snake in hot pursuit of a tiny little frog.

It didn't take him long to devour the poor little frog right in front of us on the patio,(did I tell you I also just love frogs), so this was quite devastating for me.

As soon as the frog had given up all hope of escape, the snake moved with lightening speed into the bush.

Yesterday I dispatched dear husband to Bunnings to buy a magnetic catch for the screen door as it often springs open after closing. I would much prefer the snake searched outside for it's prey!

I suppost I live my life in denial. I love animals but hate the thought of them eating each other.

It's probably the same as my not being a vegetatian because I enjoy eating meat, but only if it doesn't actually look like an animal. This leaves out whole fish, most seafood and anything on a spit that even resembles the animal it really is.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Need doesn't really come into it

I've been taking advantage of some fabric sales this holiday. I don't really need the fabric but with the hot weather I haven't really felt like doing a lot of sewing and this is my way of getting a fabric fix.

A lot of my students ask me how much of each fabric I buy. Well how long is a piece of string? Firstly, these days I only buy good quality fabrics. I'll happily snap up a bargain but only if it is a genuine sale and not cheap, inferior fabric in the first place. If I'm not shopping for a specific project, but just browsing around for interesting and beautiful fabrics for my stash, how much to buy is really no more complicated than deciding on how much I like it, then how much I can justify to myself.

A fat quarter is a good idea if I just want the fabric but have no idea what I'll do with it (perhaps deep down I know already that I probably won't ever do anything with it, other than stroke it and play with it now and then). I often buy fat quarters at shows just because they are there. I usually try to keep a record of where I bought it from just in case I need more later, however my filing system isn't what it should be.

I've been known to buy the whole bolt if I really like it and think that I'll use it extensively. Realistically though, I usually only make small-medium sized quilts so anything from 1m to 3m usually satisfies me. Of course the backing for a large bed quilt can take up to 9 metres and I always use good quality fabrics for the back as well as the front of the quilt. I also like to cut borders in once piece from the length of the fabric, so if I think I'll be using the fabric for a border I'll buy 3m.

I only have to ask myself two questions about fabric.

1. Do I really like it?

2. Can my budget allow for it?

If I get two yes answers I buy it. Need really doesn't come into it.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

New camera and Happy New Year

I asked Santa for a new camera for Christmas and I must have been good all year because he gave me one.

We have a perfectly good camera with 12 x zoom and lots of really good features but I didn't ever read the book and in any case it is very bulky and won't fit into my handbag.

My new, compact camera is really good, it's got a larger screen, is really compact and I've taken some great photos - so many that I'm currently re charging the battery for the umpteenth time. I'll share them next time I blog. I don't really know how to to load them onto the computer I'm using tonight. I would either have to read the book or ask my husband for advice and ... anyway I think I'll wait until tomorrow.

I like to use my own lap top. It always feels very indulgent when I connect to the internet from the comfort of my lounge in front of the T.V. with my feet up.

I intend to post to this blog more frequently this year and post the interesting photos I know I will take.

I really love the start of a new year. I'm always so motivated and full of ideas. I write them all down and truely feel as if I can achieve just about anything.

This year I've started out by resigning my daytime job as a community development worker so that I can spend more time doing what I really like... quilting. I've been going to the gym everyday and have already spent time just doing nothing at all. A pretty good start really.