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Amanda Daly
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Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Managed to tick off a few items from my to do list over the past few weeks.

Finished a landscape for a class I'm teaching - tick.

Finished writing a couple of patterns that I started months ago, they are proof read and ready to go - tick.

Caught up with paperwork (a bit), now I only have to tackle my tax ugh!

Helped my frail 90 year old mum move into a nursing home, and sorted out the huge amount of paper work and organisation that this entailed, now she will get the care she needs and I will have more peace of mind... it's all good - tick

Gave myself a few days off to enable me to get over my bout of lurgy, feeling much better for it - tick

Cleaned out the wardrobe and threw heaps of stuff out. Oh yes that felt good! - tick

Made a rhubarb upside down cake... need to do things like this more often - tick

So now that I've ticked a few jobs off. I only have 36 U.F.O's and a page or two of miscellaneous items and the list looks managable, but then there are a few things I need to add to it!

My new grandbaby, due at Christmas is a boy, that's really novel in our family, so a blue baby quilt is the number one addition to the list.

I've acknlowledged that my gym membership has lately just become gym tax as I haven't had the time or inclination to go, so next week......

I'll dust off the brand new, but as yet unused overlocker I bought on the spur of the moment a few months ago and learn how to use it creatively

I loved making the bags for the Down Under Quilt challenge so much I've designed some other bags for my classes and bought the silk to make them with (started already - see photo).

then there's ..........................

Got to go now, if I tick a few more off before the weekend I might even have time for a sleep in on Sunday.