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Amanda Daly
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Saturday, 26 September 2009

Missed the dust storm

We managed to get away for our first camping trip in two years. Spent a week communing with nature and roughing it a bit at Coolah Tops and Goulburn River National Parks. Fortunately we missed the dust storm by a few days.

Some of our family and friends worry that we rough it a bit too much, so I took a few photos of our 4 star camping accommodation.
The photos are of the bedroom, the kitchen and what I laughingly call the activities corner in our tent. we have camp stretchers with really thick air mattresses, doonas rather than sleeping bags and a hot water bottle. I even have a chair and some carpet for the bedroom floor.
We do have to use pit toilets (or worse still a shovel) and 3inches of water in the bottom a bucket instead of a shower, the only good news is that the water is hot, but its still a lot better than my first ever camping trip.
I met John just before I was 40 and as he had always been a keen camper he decided that it would be really good if I enjoyed it too. He was probably a bit optimistic to think I'd enjoy the Warrambungles in early July with just a small 2 man tent that I had to crawl into, a very thin air mattress and a sleeping bag that wasn't really up to the task. I didn't really enjoy that first experience but I could see that camping could probably be fun with better equipment, It took a few trips to the camping shop and a bit of experimentation and imagination and I've been a keen camper ever since.

I always manage to do a lot of hand sewing while we are camping, I took this photo with one hand while sewing in front of the fire with the other.

We always try to go to quiet campsites far away from people with just the wildlife for company. We weren't disappointed this time all except 2 of the nights we spent alone in the campsites.
There was heaps of wild life including kangaroos and wallabies, a wombat who seemed to be both deaf and blind and oblivious to the fact that we were there, a tiny little lizard and a cow who just stood in the river all day (it was quite hot). You'll have to look carefully to see the tiny lizard. It was about 2in from nose to tip of tail.