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Amanda Daly
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Sunday, 22 April 2007

Fabric avalanche

If the quilter who dies with the most fabric wins, then I'm a winner. I finally decided it's time to organise my stash onto shelves that actually will actually accomodate a bolt of fabric, after yet another avalanche of precariously balanced bolts.
After looking around for ages and only finding shelves with a fixed centre shelf and far too wide for a fabric bolt anyway, I decided to seek advice. The first person I spoke to was my daughter. Bec believes that if you really want something you should float it - out there - in the universe and the universe will come up with a solution, so I did ... float it that is.
The very next person I spoke to re advice on where to find shelves, told me she has a friend who used to sell patchwork fabric and now needs to sell her custom made shelves. This lady lives just a short drive from my house, the shelves fitted perfectly in my room and best of all they fitted with less than an inch to spareinto the back of our station wagon if we just needed to push the front seats forward a touch... thanks Bec for the daughterly advice.
I'll post a photo of my newly organised sewing room soon.

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