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Amanda Daly
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Sunday, 5 August 2007

Time at last to blog

Life has been so hectic lately, I've been unable to find even a few minutes to blog. The wedding was beautiful, I had an absolute ball and my daughter and son in law tell me the day was way over and above any of their expectations. A memorable day for everyone. A last minute change of plan saw this mother of the bride wearing an outfit with a velvet patchwork effect jacket and yes I wore high heel pointy toe shoes and ended up feeling happy with them. No photos yet . . . but soon I hope.

The wedding was in the middle of the NSW Quilter's Guild show, but I was able to fit in a full day visit on the Wednesday and followed this up with another vist on the Sunday. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I just loved the best of show quilt.

I've also been busy preparing to present a weekend workshop to around 40 people. I've just returned home from it and although it was very hectic, it was really rewarding. The large group of enthusiastic quilters are in the photo. Thank you ladies, it was a memorable experience.

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Shayne said...

Great to meet you at the retreat, had a great time and enjoyed your company. Haven't had a chance to finish the Ocean Jewels yet but hopefully tomorrow. Thanks for some really useful information.