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Amanda Daly
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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Start them young

I completely failed in my attempts to interst my own daughters (now in their 30's) in quilting but I decided that my grandaughter Tegan who is now 7 is just the right age and with a bit of dedicated help from me (Amar, short for Grandma) I'm sure she will become an accomplished and creative quilter.
We started with a couple of fairy panels, one for Tegan and one for her little sister Olivia and we are now moving on to a bag.
Tegan and I visited Country Pickins today, partly so that Tegan could choose her own fabric and partly so that she could see where Amar teaches. She was impressed by the sheer size of the place but completely overwhelmed by the amount of fabric to choose from. We eventually settled on pink (no great surprise there). Thanks to the school holidays we have a date to start the bag.

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