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Amanda Daly
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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Norfolk Island

After a quick visit to the gym this morning for my aquafit class, I'm now busy ignoring a suitcase that needs to be unpacked and eagerly sorting through the 400 or more photos I've taken over the past week and going over the wonderful memories in my mind. Norfolk Island was sunny, breezy, relaxing and a real change from the hot Sydney weather and hectic life I live.

There were trees with brilliant orange flowers (orange has always been my favourite colour), water birds, rich history with plenty of ruins of the old penal settlement, beautiful scenery, giant Norfolk Island Pine trees and not a single Gum Tree anywhere.

The food was great, though I think my bathroom scales are malfunctioning, I simply can't have gained that much weight in a week, not with all the walking we did. In many ways it is like stepping back in time to a simpler slower way of life.

The most fascinating experience was watching the fortnightly supply ship being unloaded, there is no harbour so the ship anchors quite a way out and small boats are towed out to collect the supplies, this whole process takes a couple of days and much skill from the workers. The islanders rely on the supply ship for just about everything and supplies can be quite low just before each shipment. The supplies we witnessed were all quite nondescript, however there are photos all over the island of cars, trucks and buses being unloaded in the same way onto two small boats lashed together!!! The close up photo of the boat near the penal settlement is very similar to the ones used today.
The only vegetables allowed to be brought in are Potatoes, Garlic and Ginger, everything else is grown on the island and I've been spoilt, the taste was just fantastic, (mental note - learn how to grow organic fruit and vegies).

Animals have right of way on the Island, the cows, ducks, chooks etc all seem to know this and wander everywhere. The Islanders have their own language and all this adds to the amazing charm of this wonderful friendly place. We got so used to waving to every car we passed (a Norfolk custom) that we found ourselves doing it over here. No one has waved back yet!

I even managed to purchase some fabric from a textile artist. Photos to follow in the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Norfolk Island looks lovely it is on my 'to visit' list. Like the idea of the pace of life being slow, a better chance to be still and think. Haven't done any sewing apart from mending, don't like the heat and humidity. Plus we have had the grandchildren. Do you put your photos into albums? That's another thing I have on the go, never enough time. I am trying to steel myself to go in the pool, not too keen on swimming but doctor says I have to. See you Friday. Cheers Virginia K

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Cristina Rose said...

Hope to see you back on Norfolk Island sometime.
We moved here for two years, that was 3 and a half years ago.