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Amanda Daly
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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Multi tasking at its best

Hey, I'm a woman so of course I can multi task, but managing to combine mundane daily tasks is not really multi tasking at its best.

This is multi tasking to be proud of.

I play keyboard in our Aussie dance band "The Currawong Bush Band" Last night we played for one of the regular Bush Dances organised by the Bush Music Club, an organisation we've been a significant part of for years. I love playing, but always take something quilt related with me. Last night I had a copy of one of my favourite magazines "Quilting Arts" sitting on my music stand alongside my music. There are always a few minutes here and there inbetween pumping out the music. No one can see the magazine sitting there and if anyone was really looking I'm sure they would just assume I was studying music in the breaks between dances (not as obvious as sitting there piecing blocks).

I also had a copy of the new Aussie magazine "Embellish" with me and by the way eagerly awaiting the second issue of the other new Aussie magazine "Down Under Textiles". I love them both, have you seen them yet?

Never let a chance go by!

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