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Amanda Daly
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Monday, 23 August 2010

Down Under

I used to be a really regular contributor to Down Under Quilts magazine but due to family issues I had very little time last year and didn't get around to submitting any of the my quilt patterns for publication.

I've just received my e.mail copy of the August issue and my project "Midnight Jewels" is on page 44. It's a wall hanging and of course it's a bit 3 dimensional.

The October issue will contain another of my projects - a cot quilt. I made this quilt long before our next grandbaby was even concieved (in anticipation of the long awaited addition to our family). The whole family now eagerly awaiting our newest grandson's birth in December. This is the first time we have know the sex before the birth, at first it felt a bit like opening Christmas presents before Christmas and I wasn't at all sure that I really wanted to know, but now it feels right.

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