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Amanda Daly
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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Going back to Goat Island

Years ago, in the late 70's / early 80's my parents lived on Goat Island. It's right in the middle of Sydney Harbour on the Western side of the Harbour Bridge with views of the Harbour Bridge, Barangaroo and Luna Park to the front and Balmain and Balls Point to the rear. Dad worked for the Maritime Services board at the time and took the opportunity to live in one of the 5 houses on the island. Visiting was always enjoyable, Goat Island is steeped in convict history and a really beautiful place with stunning views. My kids were young and really enjoyed roaming the island. I always enjoyed the view from the house, straight under the harbour bridge. We owned a small yacht at the time and often sailed there from middle harbour...I could go on and on....memories....! Access was of course by boat, either the Maritime Services boat across to Balmain or a Water Taxi to Circular Quay. The Island is now a National Park and access is only by organised tour. My beautiful daughters organised for the three of us to join a tour to celebrate my 60th birthday. I had a great day and my girls showed obvious enjoyment as they re-discovered their old playground. The house mum and dad lived in is the one of the left hand side. I took the photo showing the house earlier this year from onboard the Sea Princess as we pulled away from Barangaroo on our way to New Zealand and the other was taken of the three of us by our tour guide from the front of the Island, just forward of mum and dads old house.
Take a trip one day, you won't be disappointed.

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