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Amanda Daly
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Monday, 15 October 2012

Last but not least

This is the last of the 3 quilts for the cruise. I designed them specificially for the cruise to mark the occasion. Australia, New Zealand and Fiji and Noumea are all captured within these three quilts. (The New Zealand and Pacific Island version of "In the Round" are shown in earlier posts). The cruise is getting exciting close...and still so much to prepare. I love the far flung places I get to visit when I'm teaching. I'm off to Norfolk Island at the end of this week to teach at the Quilt Norfolk Getaway. 10 days of heaven. This is another place I could certainly be happy to retire to.

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Pamela Bores said...

Hello Amanda,
I am also a quilter and found you by looking at next April's quilt Convention in Melbourne. Just checking whether you might be the daughter of my friends of old, Cathy and John Daly whom we visited when they were farming in Willmington SA?
Pam Bores (previously McCulloch)