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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Voyagers return

Cruising the Islands and New Zealand on The Voyager of the Seas was fantastic . . . with great company, food, cocktails, ports of call, shopping, entertainment, walks on the deck at sunset, time to read and chat and enjoy our 4pm happy hour sessions, new friendships...oh! and of course some quilting.
I had intended to make at least one storm at sea block . . . where did the time go?

Thanks ladies and partners, John and I had a wonderful time.

I can't relate all of our tales of adventure, or post the thousands of photos taken . . . here are just a few.

Most of the 36 ladies on board rallied for a photo on the stairs
View from the walking deck
Australia Day at Sea

There will be more to follow over the next couple of days - ladies ... as I said on board, please feel free to download any of the photos I post for this trip.

When we left a couple of weeks ago the country was facing terrible bushfires (we still are in some areas), now we return to devastating floods.
I know that some of you live in or near the flood affected thoughs are with you, I do so hope you are all O.K.

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jennifer jenkins said...

Hi Amanda, just speaking with my sister with the view of going quilting and was wondering if you can steer me in the right direction for the Norfolk Island in October Quilting Holiday, would like to book asap but never having done this before I'm not sure how to go about it'Many thanks if you can help.
Jennifer Jenkins