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Amanda Daly
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Thursday, 25 October 2007

The Snake and the Frog

Over the weekend we spotted one of the Diamond Pythons who thinks of our property as his home. He was taking a drink in the bird bath. He is quite used to having us around and takes not notice as I poke a camera in his face to record his life.

When he had finished he or she (can't tell) crossed the lawn and the patio and proceeded to climb back up onto the roof. Judging by how many snake skins we find up there he really likes to be on, or in our roof.

We followed his every move and took photos as he got a leg up (so to speak) on one of John's favorite pot plants then scaled the brick wall until he managed to get a foot hold (well you know what I mean) on the fork in the down pipe then up and over the guttering. Just as I took the final photo of him dissappearing onto the roof a frog who for some completely unkown reason was on the roof, decided it was a good idea to jump off and aim for my shoulder to break his fall. He looked a little stunned as he sat there on the grass. I stopped taking photos of the snake and turned my attention to the frog ! I love living in the bush.

Here he is drinking from the bird bath

Up and over

. . . and here's the Frog !

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