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Amanda Daly
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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Workroom Mess

When you are working on a quilt are you tidy or messy.

These days I only clean up my work room when I've finished a project.

It's not that I like working in a mess but I'm a bit driven and just keep churning through the work and I feel completely incapable of cleaning anything up 'till I've finished.

I know some quilters who I suspect put every reel of thread away in it's correct place and fold every piece of fabric and put it away as soon as it has been used. perhaps their scissors are always in the same place and threads are put into a container instead of the floor.

I have multiple unpickers, scissors and other pieces of equipment but towards the end of a project I'm hard pressed to anything. Much of my equipment and most of the threads and bits and pieces end up in piles on the benches or buried on the floor along with paper work, reels of thread, fabric and miscellaneous items. It can be quite annoying if I can't find what I want but that's just the way it is.

I'm in the process of cleaning up as I write. A clean photo to follow when I've finished.

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