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Amanda Daly
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Monday, 14 December 2009

New Sewing Machine for Sale

A while ago, I won a Singer Quantam 9940 sewing machine and as I already own two great machines I have no need or space for this one.

Although it's brand new and still in the box, I'm selling it for the second hand price of $800, this is around half the RRP.

This clever machine is ready willing and able to do the following -
12 professional buttonholes
3 styles of alphabet in upper and lower case
Quilt applique and heirloom stitches

It's a computerised machine with 393 stitch programmes, a large easy to read screen and a walking foot.

It really needs a good home with someone to love and care for it. If you are interested, phone me on 02 9654 9463 or e.mail

1 comment:

PAMELA said...

Hi Amanda.
You may like to try selling your machine on Ebay. I did, very successfully, so my machine went to a good home (which was important to me) and I got a fair help my creative resources. Good luck.