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Sunday, 29 November 2009

What tickles your fancy

This is the quilt I designed for the Quilters' Guild of N.S.W. annual challenge.

The theme was "What Tickles Your Fancy"

Initially I really struggled with the theme, I really felt that the entries should be humourous and bring a smile to face of the viewers. I do have a vivid imagination and must say that plenty of things tickle my fancy but sometimes I think I'm probably the only one who is tickled and perhaps the images from my imagination would leave many viewers wondering what the quilt was trying to say.

When a friend returned from Singapore with tales of having visited a fish pedicure boutique, the thought of it really tickled my fancy. I instantly knew that I would depict the fish pedicure as my entry.

Apparently this kind of beauty treatment is becoming quite popular in many overseas countries. Sherry explained through so much laughter it just about reduced me to tears, that she had summoned the necessary courage to immerse her feet in a large pool of water containing dozens of tiny fish. The fish had nibbled away at her dead skin and apparently had a real feast. Sherry says she is sure she saw several fish floating belly up in the water, too full to move! In my mind I also imagined glamourous fish painting toe nails down in the depths of the pool.

I know I could never ever subject myself to this kind of pedicure but the thought of it really tickles my fancy.

View all of the entries in the challenge by visiting the guild's blog. See the link at the bottom of this page.

I love the the upturned ducks and friend Julie's, John West's Rejection Island Resort.

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