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Amanda Daly
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Friday, 5 March 2010

Australasian Quilt Convention

I've booked my flight to Melbourne for Saturday 1st May to visit the Australian Quilt Convention. A small group of energetic and enthusiastic souls will be joining me for this one day wonder. I've always really enjoyed this annual event and I always eventually recover from getting up at 4am and arriving back home completely exhausted around 10pm with a large bag full of purchases and a digital camera full of inspiring quilt images that I'll be able to enjoy again one quiet day in the future. I suppose I should arrange to go for a couple of days and take more time to enjoy the experience but somehow it seems more adventurous to make it a day trip.

I've entered a quilt in the challenge with the theme "Remember" and I've just received confirmation that my quilt has been accepted as a finalist, so fingers crossed that it will be displayed with many others this year.

I'm also making plans to visit the Textile Art Festival in Brisbane again this year. Another day trip sure to leave me inspired.


Di said...

I did the day trip there from Sydney too a couple of years ago, Amanda. Went all on my own - Such an exciting adventure! Congratulations on your "Remember" quilt being accepted.

Brenda said...

I look forward to seeing your entry into the AP&Q AQC Challenge. And you'll get to see the Twelve by Twelve exhibition - twice! at AQC and Textile Art Festival.