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Amanda Daly
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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Learning to say no

I've given myself another little pep talk. It's long overdue really.

As usual I've taken on too much and I'm wondering why I feel so overwhelmed and perhaps why I feel a bit used and unappreciated.

As usual I leave most things until the last possible minute and pass this off by saying that I work better under pressure. I volunteer to help even when I know I really don't have nearly enough to time. I try to do it all and every now and then I have to stop, give myself a stern talking to and do a stock take of my life and my pressures and responsibilities and what's really important in life. If I'm not careful I'll forget what roses look like, let alone having time to smell them.

O.K. so enough is enough. I've wiped a couple of major items off my "To Do" list and I'm feeling better already. Yes I do have "To Do" list(s) and I even have a list to keep track of my lists. I definately fall into the Enneargram type one personaility box.

Someone told me recently that we can't do everything at once, but we can do something thing at once. At the moment I'm writing this blog entry, then I'll choose something else to do and stop trying to do it all at once. That something will probably be to sit down with pencil and paper (and diary) and make a new "To Do" list, a realistic one this time and promise myself that I'll try to stop acting like a kid in a lolly shop.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda, I fall into the 'need to do a pep talk and practise the word No' contingent. Why is it so hard? I have been really sick since I last saw you but have still carried on as if I was ok, when all I wanted to really do was crawl into bed.Sewing is getting less and less of a look in and it's ALL I want to do! So I will do a couple of 'musts' (the floor is now quite disgusting)and the collected bags of donations to the Salvos has to go out of my car boot (or else I can't get my sewing machine in). Look forward to seeing all of you ladies next week, 26th, and hopefully I will be bug free by then. Keep up the lists (I too have lists) and practise, 'I too have a life' mantra! We can compare notes.
Cheers, Virginia K.