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Amanda Daly
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Friday, 19 January 2007

Our favourite visitor

We haven't any pets. Our old cat went to where the old cats go a few months ago. He was a Siamese with heaps of personality. We didn't live in a bushy area when we got him, so he did live a rather restricted life after we moved here. We value Aussie wildlife too much to let him out and destroy it.
We now have far more natural animal visitors than before. The photo is of a lizard who has set up home very close to the house and tolerates us humans rather well. He often sits in the bird bath or just hangs around in the shade at the back of the house, blending in very well with the bushrock. The photo is of him sitting next to the birdbath that John has dug out of a rock ledge just opposite our front patio. He's quite comfortable with us walking around very close to him.
I'd love to create a quilt using him as the focal point. I'm just waiting for the right inspiration and of course the time to do it properly. I have to focus on my new years resolution (to work less hours this year and have more time for me).

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