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Amanda Daly
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Sunday, 14 January 2007

Wedding dress shopping

I spent today helping my youngest daughter to choose a wedding dress. We had a wonderful, if exhausting day. We didn't actually buy a dress but now have a short list and plans to do it all again next week. I really don't know how helpful I was. Every time Rebecca tried on a dress I was convinced that she should buy it. She looked absolutely fantastic in everything. The last one we tried actually brought me close to tears. The wedding is just a few short months away so a decision will need to be made soon.

I've been working hard on my next challenge quilt and getting everything ready for the start of my patchwork classes in February. I'm still also trying to find time to paint my bedroom. I'd like a really strong colour as a feature wall. I don't usually have trouble choosing fabric for a quilt but paint for a wall ... that's another story.

I've tried to post a photo of one of my favorite quilts, so that you can start to see some of my work but I think I'm doing something wrong. I'll try again tomorrow.

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