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Amanda Daly
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Thursday, 5 November 2009

New photo

It really is time for me to have a new photo taken. The one on the blog is years old.
I really hate having my photo taken but I really can't explain why.

I'm always the one behind the camera, not in front of it. If I suddenly became a missing person, my family would be hard pressed to come up with a photo to show the police. They would probably find one of me in the back row of a group, slightly blurry and probably with my eyes closed.

John's workmates mentioned that I'm never in any of the holiday photos. We generally go camping and I spend the whole time having a bad hair day due to lack of hair washing and styling facilities. I wear hats and beanies and I even wear a miners light on my head at night so that I can sew and trust me this is a REALLY GOOD look. No wonder I duck for cover whenever there is a camera about.

On the inside I'm still around 39 years old, I'm at least 6 inches taller and a few kilos lighter. I like living in this fantasy world, so perhaps I just haven't found a photographer who can adequately portray my interal image of myself yet.

I don't think I'm particularly shy, perhaps I'm just a control freak. I'm an oldest child and ... (I think I'd better leave my thoughts on birth place in family for another day).

It's a strange thing, whenever photos are shared around with family or friends most people seem to be able to find fault with their own appearance or facial expressions in the photos being viewed, too many chins, a dorky look or tummy not held in properly... the list goes on, yet no one else can see what the problem is. Do we all have unrealistic expectations of the camera.

Must give in and let someone take a photo of me soon, though I might need a sedative first.

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Anonymous said...

OH Amanda you cracked me up about the photo, you might not get to read this comment but as adults we do have unrealistic expectations of what they should look like. My younger sister pulls a face in every one because she reckons if she is going to look crap she may as well enhance it!
Virginia K